With three core sectors; Plant Maintenance & Engineering, CODED Welding and Civil Engineering there really isn't anything we can't do. We are fully insured, have industry recognised qualifications and come with over 10 years experience in each individual sector.  Because of all of these company strengths we are able to reach those out-of-the-box ideas that your company requires.


Assist and manage any plant maintenance, moves or installations as well as offer expert advice 24/7 on any machinery queries.  We can provide you with the best engineers for daily, weekly, monthly or annual maintenance, breakdown and shutdown requirements.  On top of this we also have dedicated, skilled welders available covering all welding processes including MIG, ARC and TIG welding. Our welding team are highly trained within the structural engineering sector and are able to read and work from drawings and work independently within H&S guidelines. 


Give each and every client a professional, tailored service depending on their needs. As a company we pride ourselves on our speedy response times and our 24/7 Emergency Call Out service.  Being relied upon by some of the industries leading companies and manufacturers for plant maintenance we are dependable, punctual and have a true passion for what we do.


Our clients use us over and over again showing us we are a dependable service to ensure perfection every time. With a friendly, approachable and flexible on site team and strong administrative support from start to finish each job is fluid, effortless and efficient. LC International Ltd are all you need for any plant maintenance and welder needs.


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