Having a deep understanding of plant machinery, LC International have a wealth of experience with relocation and plant installations.  We will work with you to achieve the best results, working from drawings to install new plant and machinery. LC Int. can facilitate from start to finish, including the initial civil work, through to marking out, installation using up to date machinery, commissioning and snagging. 

With countless customers wanting to get the most from their static plant, we have a vast amount of experience in decommissioning and moving fixed plant be it across the country or across the yard.  We can also implement important alterations on the relocated machinery to make it a viable addition to any existing plant and provide job specific, tailored alterations so that the new location is a perfect fit.  This can be completed based on provided drawings or from our own experience and knowledge.  

As well as this, all of our jobs are meticulously planned with completed H&S documentation for a safe and efficient installation.